How to Select Best Geyser

Buying a geyser isn’t very complex there are various features you should look for before buying the one for your home. When it comes to buying “thermostat” is one important factor.

The thermostat is simply the one thing that controls the temperature of the water. Usually, most of the geysers come with a knob which lets you adjust the temperature settings to some high-end model. It lets you select a specific temperature. There are some geysers which also come with digital meters which show the precise temperature of the water. However, there are some heaters let you switch the power of the heating element centered on the weather. This is a single feature and pretty significant as a change in the weather can also move the performance of the geyser. With all these great features you must be thinking buying geyser could be an expensive affair. Well if that’s your concern then you need not worry much as you can easily buy the best geyser under 10000.

Whichever geyser you look for, you must not forget the safety feature. There is most electric geyser that comes with safety valves and protects it from overheating. It goes same for both if you’re looking for a gas geyser then also you must look after the ventilation system in it. There are few geysers which come with advanced features like remote controls which lets the temperature of the water at all. Some heaters also come with timers, which let you schedule the desired temperature of water for a specific time.

Another important measure is the geyser. One must buy geyser depending upon the size of their bathroom. And, it is also difficult to install the big geyser. You must also consider the spot where you want to install the geyser, earlier to choosing a model, as geysers essential to be installed at a height and where there’s a set up for water pipes and taps.

Here are the Top 5 Best Water Geysers under 10000

  • Crompton SWH Arno
  • Bajaj New Shakti GL
  • Crompton Solarium DLX SWH
  • Hindware SWH
  • AO Smith HSE-SDS